Guide to Tuffbox toolbox prices for 2023

Guide to Tuffbox toolbox prices for 2023

In our latest video from the Tuffbox Team our Managing Director, Matt, walks your through our four toolboxes and their prices for 2023.


All the models in front of me here today are available on our website, which is And all the prices that I'm going to quote you today all include VAT and they all include UK Delivery.

So we're going to start with the smallest box in the range, which is the Tuffbox micro. It's £135 and that's delivered. It's ideal for someone who's got like, a small Van Citron Bolingo or an estate type vehicle.

And then moving on to the Original, which is notably different from the Micro in that it's got the pallet feet, the fork feet at the bottom, so it's better for when you've got a fully loaded box and it's heavy, you can move it around site. That's £155.

And then our best seller, which is the Tuffbox Mega, which is £185, and then finishing up with a Tuffbox Monster, the largest box in the range, which is £255.

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