Care & Warranty

Tuffbox Toolbox 12 Month Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

To ensure your Tuffbox Toolbox meets the warranty criteria, please follow the guidance below

1. Care and Maintenance of Tuffbox Toolboxes

  • Your Tuffbox is not designed to be left outside. It is not waterproof.
  • Hinges need to be kept lubricated with a suitable oil such as silicon spray. We would recommend lubrication twice a year.
  • If your Tuffbox toolbox sustains any substantial knocks, bumps or scratches to the paintwork, exposing the material, you need to ‘touch up’ the paint work with a suitable exterior and weatherproof paint. Otherwise rusting will occur rapidly, affecting the anti-perforation warranty.

2. Preventing condensation, corrosion and heat damage

  • Condensation can easily build up inside your Tuffbox Toolbox if you do not wipe down or dry down items before storing inside.
  • Due to metal being a heat conductor and retainer, we recommend you keep your Tuffbox Toolbox in a shaded area where possible. This will reduce the impact direct sunlight will have on the unit, and prevent the items inside become hot.

12 Month Lock Warranty

  • Locks are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Locks should be kept free of dirt and debris. We recommend keeping locks lubricated with WD-40 lock cylinder spay once a week.
  • Locks should be checked for use every month to make sure they have not seized.
  • In the event of a fault with the lock, please contact us so we can assist further.
  • We do not offer a replacement key service. We recommend you keep your spare keys separate from your main keys for emergencies.

Warranty exclusions

  • Failure to take care of your Tuffbox Toolbox, locks and hinges as per the guidance, will invalidate your warranty.
  • In the unfortunate attempt that your Tuffbox Toolbox is subject to any type of break in the warranty does not cover damage to the locks or toolbox itself.
  • Warranty claims due to neglect, miss-use or failure to keep adequate maintenance of any part of the Tuffbox toolbox will not be approved.
  • Warranty claims due to rusting, corrosion or damage caused by third party accessories will not be approved.
  • Warranty claims following the use of a bleaching or corrosive cleaner to clean the Tuffbox toolbox will not be approved.
  • If corrosion has occurred due to condensation build up your warranty will be invalidated. Condensation occurs when you store damp or wet items in the Tuffbox toolbox without proper drying down.

Tuffboxes is not held responsible for any damage to your belongings or property due to condensation or corrosions. We recommend always securing your Tuffbox to a fixing point through the anchor points.

Replacement Parts

  • In the unlikely event that part of your Tuffbox Toolbox develops a fault, please email the team with a description, your purchase date/information and some photographs. The team will endeavour to help assist you.
  • If a fault or damage has occurred due to neglect or misuse, parts will be supplied at cost to the customer and will be priced at current retail costs, including a delivery fee.
  • If a fault occurs due to a manufacturing issue, we will replace the part free of charge with no delivery charge or fees.

Other information

  • What do we mean by anti-perforation? Perforation is caused by corrosion of the metalwork, which can lead to a tear/hole forming in the metalwork making it vulnerable to weather and theft.
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