Tool theft on rises by 57% in the UK last year

Tool theft on rises by 57% in the UK last year

Research by shows that tool theft from vehicles increased by 57% compared to last year, a staggering fact, especially considering Metropolitan Police data revealed that in Northumbria alone, tool theft was around £2,082,900 in a year.

Greg Wilson, CEO of said: “With tool thefts on the rise, you can never be too careful when it comes to securing your van and its contents especially when it has the potential to affect your livelihood.

“Even if your vehicle comes with basic security systems and factory-fitted immobilisers and alarms, they may not cut it as modern thieves have been known to evade them with key fob cloning and blocking.”

Lancashire, on the doorstep of our HQ in Oldham, came third in the Met Police’s list, with over 1,100 tool thefts, totallying £1.6m in value.

Lancashire Police said: “Many insurance policies do not cover tools left in the van and it could cost hundreds in damage and excesses. Lock tools and small items of machinery in a secure building where possible and avoid leaving tools and accessories outside.”

What can you do? The team at provide a range of tips, including:

  • Plan your parking
  • Invest in a high quality alarm
  • User GPS tracking device
  • Use physical theft-prevention devices
  • Upgrade your locks
  • Use a lockable toolbox
  • Remove valuables
  • Make sure your insurance covers the van contents
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