Tuffboxes in vans, on tractors and mounted on forks - our community photos

Tuffboxes in vans, on tractors and mounted on forks - our community photos

We love seeing Tuffboxes out and about, whether that's mounting it in your van or being creative on a farm, make sure to tag @tuffboxes on Instagram or TikTok so we can give you a shout out.

Some recent shares include...

In vans - from Macauley Hunt / Smart Pipe Plumbing

Recently Macauley bought a Tuffbox Original, and took to Instagram to get some community advice to where was best to fix it in his van for maximum benefit, ultimately fixing it in the bottom of his shelving units but within easy reach of the side door for quick access. 

Blue original toolbox

On tractors - from William Burden

William popped over this photo of his Original Tuffbox mounted on the front of his tractor to keep his everyday needed tools to hand and safe while in the fields and when away from his tractor. 

A green tractor with a tuffbox on the front

Mounted on forks - from Crawfords Farm

Crawford has a great idea to mount a Micro Tuffbox on his new tractor fork. We we're excited to see how it went, and the modifications and accomodations he made to fit it on the fork. Even though it ended up being a smidge to large for his tractor arms for it to fit and open, he still has his Micro for keeping his kit safe on the farm when not out in the fields.

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