Video comparison of our 2023 Tuffbox Micro toolbox vs it's 2003 design

Video comparison of our 2023 Tuffbox Micro toolbox vs it's 2003 design

Recently our MD, Matt, got his old 2003 Tuffbox Micro out of the van and compared it's features and benefits to our latest 2023 model, including updated hinge, prop, handle and decal.


A direct comparison with my original Tuffbox Micro. It's 20 years old, this box. One thing that it does show is just how good the paint finish is. You know, it's been scratched, but it's minimal corrosion on this thing. It's 20 years old.

It is still in good order, but one thing that we improved on was the hinge. And the hinge is an old school type of piano hinge. And what we've moved on to in the new model is this anti tamper proof, grade 304 stainless steel hinge, which is really robust and doesn't corrode. So I think that's a big improvement.

It's a simple thing, but it's a big improvement from where we were.

Also, if I spin this old box around, this is the old stay, works perfectly fine, but the new one is a better design. It's just more solid folded construction, it's just more robust and it just stands up to abuse on site. Really simple.

And then it's an aesthetic thing - but we put the handle on to help you with the lid and we change the signage on the unit as well.

So it was a laser cut sign rather than a sticker, which the sticker just is vulnerable to coming off, so it just keeps it branded.

And those really are the main updates. We've still carried on this really good welded construction out of thick steel, and we've still continued with this brilliant paint finish, which is powder coating.

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