Video introduction to our 2023 Tuffbox range

Video introduction to our 2023 Tuffbox range

The team at Tuffboxes HQ has been busy creating some new videos to guide you through our range, starting with our introduction to Tuffboxes - a simple guide to our four boxes for 2023.


So some sizing information on the Tuffbox range and I'm going to start with the smallest in the range, the Tuffbox Micro. It's got all of the security benefits of its bigger brothers. Single point locking hasn't got the fork feet, so what it has got this model is the holes in the base so you can screw it down to your vehicle. It is 547 millimetres wide.

I've put some tools in there just so you can get scale of the space that's available to you for tool storage moving then on to its bigger brother. This is the Original. This one is 788 millimetres wide. Now it's got the fork feet on it. This one with the pre-drilled holes, so you can use those to screw it down to your vehicle or screw it down on-site.

I have seen people, and we do promote you doing it, if you're leaving it on site, you can use a chain with a padlock and you can run that through the fork feet and then it's perfectly secure, so someone can't just pick it up and take it away. Again, put some props in there just so you see the expansive space available. The next one up is the Tuffbox Mega. Now, this is just shy of a metre.

It's actually 968 millimetres wide. We sell this one on the basis that you can conservatively get six power toolboxes in it. It's got the same security features that run throughout the range. Single-point anti-tamper proof lock. And again, it's got the fork feet with the holes pre-drilled so you can secure it to the base of your vehicle.

You can also use that as a last doing point as well, with a chain and a padlock. And then the biggest box in the range, the Tuffbox monster. This is 1403 millimetres wide, so it's a really big wide box. It's actually got two antitamper-proof locks on this one because obviously, we're trying to avoid people messing around with it with a Jemmy bar or big screwdriver to open it up. So it's got the two locks.

We sell this on the basis that you can get easily eight power toolboxes in here. Again, I'll put some props in here just so you can show and see the amount of space base available. It's got the fork feet on it with the pre-drilled holes for securing to the base of a vehicle. And you can also use them as a fixing point with a chain and a padlock.

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