We can custom finish our standard range for orders of 10 or more, and facilitate custom branding/decals for orders of 25 or more.

Customisation Questions Answered

What can be custom coloured?

We can custom paint the lid and the main body of the Tuffboxes two seperate colours, or one overall colour.

i.e. you could have a pink lid and purple body, or an entirely purple toolbox.

The forkfeet on our Original, Mega and Monster sizes are painted the same colour as the body. So a pink body means pink feet.

The lid's handle and prop is painted the same colour as the lid. Therefore a blue lid means a blue handle and prop.

The box's side handles are painted the same colour as the body. So a red box would have red side handles.

Is delivery included in bulk custom orders?


I want to order less than 10 with a custom colour

Due to manufacturing processes 10 is the minimum order for custom coloured toolboxes.

Can you apply our branding in the metalwork?

We can do a variety of laser cut branding plates for the front of the Tuffbox. This would involve a custom quotation outside of the normal custom colour pricing, and subject to a larger minimum quantity. Select 'custom metal brand plates' in the quotation form.

Can you apply our branding as a sticker on the lid or body?

We can apply a sticker to the lid exterior, interior or front of the Tuffbox on request. Please select 'apply custom sticker branding' in the quotation form.

Can the Tuffbox be whitelabelled so it doesn't have the Tuffbox log on the front?

We can remove our branding from the front of the box on request for existing client bulk orders. Please select 'remove Tuffbox branding' in the quotation form.

Welded Construction

Each Tuffbox is made extra strong with the use of welded seams and parts. From the handles to the creases of the lids, the welded construction allows for tougher protection and reduces the risk of entry into the box.

Tamper Proof Lock

The anti-drill disc lock comes with two keys, and they cannot be replicated or replaced. This adds a final level of security for your tools and valuables creating a mini vault.

Anti-corrosion Protection

Due to the steel construction, with powder coated textured finish, all Tuffboxes can withstand being moved about in the great British weather! However, they are not waterproof, so do not leave them outside!

British Designed
& Manufactured

All our Tuffboxes are designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory in Greater Manchester. Tuffboxes is part of a sheet metal fabrication business established in 1970.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on all UK orders of Tuffbox toolboxes. However, there are a few exceptions to remoter locations imposed on us by the delivery company. Please read our delivery page for further information.